As winter sets in on our favorite lakes, anglers across the Ice Belt begin to get excited about the prospects of chasing Panfish through the ice. Targeting shallow water Bluegills, Crappies and Perch in shallow weedy havens can be both challenging and exciting. In this article, we will discuss some strategies and techniques that can help make your next ice fishing trip a success.

Understanding Shallow Water Panfish

Shallow water panfish, including Bluegills and Crappies, often look for shelter in weedy areas during the winter. These submerged weed beds provide both cover and a vast amount of prey to feed on throughout the Winter. Successfully catching Big Panfish from the weeds requires finesse, precision, and the right gear.

Shallow water panfish under the ice

Using the right Reels for the Job

When it comes to Ice Fishing Gear, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Piscifun Ice Reels have gained popularity among anglers for their great performance and innovative features, making them an awesome tool when targeting shallow water panfish in weedy environments.

One of the standout models from the Piscifun line up of Ice Reels is the Piscifun ICX Frost. This inline style Ice Reel allows you to free fall your bait down into the shallow weeds at a controlled pace, which can help trigger bites from wary Panfish.. Another great feature of the ICX Frost is that it helps to eliminate “Jig Spin”. This is common when you use a Spinning Reel as the line has a twist in it. Piscifun's commitment to creating reels that balance weight and durability ensures that anglers can maintain control and precision while fishing. 

Additionally, Piscifun Ice Reels are engineered with smooth drag systems, allowing anglers to make precise adjustments when battling panfish in weedy areas. The reliable drag ensures that you can tangle with some of those random toothy predators and still come out the victor. 

Techniques for Success

To maximize your success when targeting shallow water panfish in the weeds, consider trying the following techniques:

● Micro Jigging: 

Utilizing micro jigs with small subtle movements to entice panfish in the weedy areas. 

● Tightlining: 

Keep your line tight and be ready for subtle strikes. 

● Weedless Rigs: 

Experiment with weedless jigs  to minimize snagging in vegetation. 

the fisherman holds the panfish caught under the ice


As you venture out on to your favorite lake, be sure you don’t overlook shallow weedy bays. If you employ the techniques mentioned above, you may find yourself in a load of Panfish before you know it! This bite can last throughout the entire winter as long as the weeds remain green and oxygenated. Good luck on the Ice and tight lines!


Jason Brenic

Jason Brenic

My name is Jason Brenic, and I am the USVP of Marketing for Piscifun Fishing. Still, more importantly, I am an absolute Crazy Man when it comes to targeting Crappies in the Fall.


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January 03, 2024 — Jason Brenic
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