fisherman catches trout in streams

Spring Trout Fishing in the Driftless Region

Spring is prime time for trout fishing in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin and Minnesota. The fertile, non-glaciated streams sustain big brook and brown trout thanks to nutrient-rich waters. This guide covers everything you need to know - from gear and lures to reading conditions and targeting different trout species - to have a productive and affordable spring trout adventure in the Driftless area.
May 07, 2024 — Adam Glickman
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pre-spawn crappies

Tips for Catching Pre-spawn Crappies

Ice is finally off the lakes, and the Crappies are staging up for the spawn, but most importantly, they are there to fatten up and feed.
April 08, 2024 — Service Piscifun
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LiveScoping Cold Water Crappie

LiveScoping Cold Water Crappie

What all started with a nice early spring day in Wisconsin looking for cold water largemouth, quickly turned into a very eventful day catching cold water Crappie.
March 29, 2024 — Logan Thomas
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how to catch smallmouth bass in spring

How to Catch Smallmouth Bass in Spring

Ice off smallmouth is my favorite time of year! We will discuss Structure, Baits, Technique, Weather, and boat placement when catch smallmouth bass.
March 13, 2024 — Steve McClone
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pre-spawn pike and Piscifun fishing reel

Important Information about Pre-spawn River Pike Fishing

Warm winter, no ice got you feeling down? Don't fear! This opens up a new possibility: open water pre-spawn pike. Being someone who enjoys open water over ice fishing, I await the spring thaw each year.
March 07, 2024 — Mike Janssen
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the fisherman holds sturgeon by hands

How to Target Sturgeon in Spring

As Spring temperatures kick start migrating spawning patterns for our traditional fish species such as walleyes and perch, I take to the waters for some whisker therapy. Many of our typical gamefish make spawning movements in the Spring but so do Sturgeon. Almost every river in the midwest has Sturgeon moving upriver to do their thing in the Spring.
March 07, 2024 — Service Piscifun
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Walleye Lures Tactics  in Early Spring Rivers

Walleye Lures Tactics in Early Spring Rivers

In this article, we will discuss my Top 3 lure choices and how to fish them to increase your chances for a successful outing.
March 06, 2024 — Trevor Gantz
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Piscifun Ice Fishing gear

All Wrapped up for Ice Fishing

I will also argue that ice fishing has progressed substantially more than open-water fishing. The biggest change is the available selection of quality rods and reels, and what a welcomed change.
January 08, 2024 — Dave Miller
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Shallow Water Panfish Under the Ice

Shallow Water Panfish Under the Ice

As winter sets in on our favorite lakes, anglers across the Ice Belt begin to get excited about the prospects of chasing Panfish through the ice. In this article, we will discuss some strategies and techniques that can help make your next ice fishing trip a success.
January 03, 2024 — Jason Brenic
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Fall Trout Fishing

Searching Above the Weeds: Fall Trout Fishing

Trout are no different than other species. While they may not get the notoriety of other species like walleye, bass, or pike, they certainly are extremely fun to catch, especially if you have kids around.
December 20, 2023 — Scott Olson
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how to catch river sturgeon

How to Catch River Sturgeon

I hope everything I've stated is helpful in learning how to fish for Sturgeon. Introducing people to Sturgeon helps spread awareness of them, and with the public intrigued and actively targeting them, Fish and Wildlife Departments tend to help in managing and stocking them.
December 11, 2023 — Trevor Slifka
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a fisherman catches spillway saugeye

How to Catch Spillway Saugeye in the Fall

Fishing is a secondary thought for many in the fall. For some of us the addiction is real. As the temperature drops and the leaves turn color, we feel the urge to head to our nearest spillway and take on the challenge of fall Saugeye fishing!
November 24, 2023 — Joe Miller
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