Hello there, everyone! My name is Scott Olson, and I’m a resident of the Black Hills in South Dakota. I’ve been a resident all my life, having grown up in a small ranching and farming town in the northwestern part of the state. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been throwing a line out in the water. My dad is a pretty hardcore walleye fisherman, and my grandpa was a “whatever is biting” fisherman, so I grew up going for walleyes on Shadehill Reservoir or fishing for crappie, bass, silver bass, and carp on the river coming out of the lake.

Time for Fall Trout Fishing

It’s that time of the year! Cooler temps have blown in across the Midwest, causing the leaves on the trees to turn from summer green to beautiful fall colors of yellow, orange, and red. With these cooler temperatures, water temperature is also starting to drop, fueling the fall bite as fish of all species look to fatten up before the surface of the water becomes locked under ice and forage becomes less plentiful. This can be one of the best times of the year for finding and catching fish, as many species return to shallower waters, looking to take advantage of prey that is trying to warm itself up as the water out deeper cools fast.

Bass, pike, and walleyes are a few species many go after in force this time of year. For those of us who have big rainbow trout around, it’s also a great time of the year to bring out the kayak, inflatable pontoon, or fish from the shore to search out these hard-fighting torpedoes of cold mountain lakes. But where should you look for these visually heavy fish?

Location for Fall Trout Fishing

Trout, for the most part, loves to cruise the weeds, but not like other predator fish. Whereas bass, pike, and walleyes are in the thick of the weeds or hiding near openings or funnels, trout are more of a top-level water-feeding fish. How many times have you seen a trout breach or jump out of the water? As such, fishing for them above the weeds, rather than in them, is a great way to target them. Spinners, spoons, and any number of flashy, wobbling lures are great options to look at if trout are your target. Natural colors such as gold, silver, or blue are excellent color choices in clear waters, such as here in the Black Hills. In stained waters or closer to sunset, I like to throw more fluorescent colors like chartreuse or orange to catch the eyes of these visual-based feeders.

Tips You Should Know for Fall Trout Fishing

Hang On to Your Fishing Rods

Once you’ve located these kinds of weeded areas, hang on to your rods for sure! Many times, trout will aggressively hit your lures and then fight with everything they’ve got. And if you’re throwing a bobber out while casting with another rod, keep an eye on the deadstick rod. I’ve almost had fish run away with rods that I didn’t secure on several occasions. When fighting with these fish that never seem to give up, it’s very important that you have the right equipment to handle both a long fight and the drag-screaming action that rainbows often give fishermen and women.  

Choose Piscifun Fishing Reels

Here’s where Piscifun’s fishing reels shine. I use the Viper X and Carbon X in 1000 size for my trout applications. Both reels have buttery casting and retrieval thanks to a 10-plus-1 stainless steel bearing system in each, but their drags are very impressive and likewise very smooth. It’s always a confidence builder when you know that no matter how long or hard a fish fights, these drags will not let me down. The reels both use carbon disc drags, which keep them running smoothly and reduce the overall weight of the reels. In fact, the Carbon X reel with its carbon frame only weighs in at 5.7 oz. in the 1000 size! It is super lightweight and incredibly strong. The Carbon X is such a popular reel in the Piscifun lineup that it has a near-perfect rating from customer reviews online. You can’t say that about a lot of reels out there!

Piscifun Viper X fishing reels and trout

Enjoy the Best Times for Fall Trout Fishing

Fall is definitely one of the best times of the year for many. The air is crisp, the colors are beautiful, and there are plenty of fun outdoor activities that are starting or getting better as it gets colder. After the hard times of finding and getting fish to bite over the dog days of summer, it is very refreshing to have the opportunity to find fish in areas closer to shore and to try to find ways to get them to bite as they get more aggressive this time of the year.

Enjoy the Best Times for Fall Trout Fishing with Kids

Trout are no different than other species. While they may not get the notoriety of other species like walleye, bass, or pike, they certainly are extremely fun to catch, especially if you have kids around. I love watching my young daughter try to reel in a hard-fighting rainbow, and she loves to hold onto them for her picture. If you have trout ponds in your area, don’t write them off if you prefer other species. Find those weedy areas and throw a flashy spoon above them. The fight alone is worth the effort. And if you head after them this time of year, be sure your Piscifun reels are ready for the task. Your drags will certainly get some time in!


Scott Olson

Scott Olson

Hello from the Black Hills of South Dakota! My name is Scott Olson and I have lived in Rapid City since 2008. I’ve been fishing since I can remember, both open water and ice, but it was the move here to the Hills that my love of fishing really took off. With dozens of lakes to choose from and many species to fish for, the area really is a great place to be a multi-species fisherman or woman, whether you’re after bluegills, bass, walleye, lake trout, or others in between. Trout have become a favorite of mine to target, but I also enjoy going after bass and bluegills as well.


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December 20, 2023 — Scott Olson
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