a fisherman catches spillway saugeye

How to Catch Spillway Saugeye in the Fall

Fishing is a secondary thought for many in the fall. For some of us the addiction is real. As the temperature drops and the leaves turn color, we feel the urge to head to our nearest spillway and take on the challenge of fall Saugeye fishing!
November 24, 2023 — Joe Miller
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the fishermen catch more fall catfish

Tips About How to Catch More Fall Catfish

So, do you want to catch more fall catfish? Most people do not find cooling water and catfish to be synonymous. Rather, they look at it as more of a fluke should they catch a catfish while trying to fish for walleye or smallmouth.
November 23, 2023 — Martin Ennor
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a fisherman holds the crappie

Fall Crappie Fishing in Wisconsin

Armed with the right gear and the knowledge of where and how to find Crappies, you're now ready for a successful and rewarding trip on the water. Embrace the beauty of Wisconsin's Fall and get ready for a bountiful catch on your next Crappie Fishing Trip.
November 22, 2023 — Jason Brenic
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walleye fishing in the river

Fall Walleye Fishing in the River

While the late October and November timeframes are awesome for ducks and bucks, the late fall months can also be some of the best times to hit the waters in search of one of the best-eating freshwater fish that swims in North America, the walleye.
November 20, 2023 — Thomas Droste
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3 Easy Tricks To Become A Better Angler

3 Easy Tricks To Become A Better Angler

Angling is simultaneously one of the world’s greatest, most frustrating, and most rewarding puzzles out there. Figuring out what a species of fish is doing at any given moment amongst the seemingly endless list of variables is key to consistently putting fish in the boat. And here’s some tips to help master the art of solving those puzzles.
August 29, 2017 — Alice Wang