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Sep 20, 2017

Simple Streamers - Techniques for Transitioning from A Spinning Gear Specialist to A Lord of the Flies

It wasn't until I learned the magic of fishing streamers that I would find an approach that would provide a common ground between the techniques I already knew and my newly adopted fishing habit. I quickly learned that fishing streamers was an extremely productive way to catch fish in both moving and still water. Here are some of the basics:

Aug 15, 2017

Top Tips For Targeting Trophy Trout

Catching a trophy trout can be the top moment in many fly fishers experience. The thrill of catching, and landing, that big brown that has thus outsmarted both man and nature long enough to grow to a large size is something that can keep anglers coming back to their favorite waters in hope time and time again. Yet, there are a few things we can do
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