Fishing in general is tough sport but when chasing after snook, a very intelligent fish then it’s on a whole other level. When it comes to targeting snook focus on tide, structure and presentation of bait in order to maximize your catch number. Focusing on these three key values while snook fishing will keep your rod bent while they’re chewing. In order to get consistent hits while fishing for snook you need to really pay attention to the

tide. Snook generally like to feed in a frenzy during major tidal flow. Outgoing tide is a perfect time to hook up on a number of snook. If your having a lot of issues with layers of grass and seaweed on the top of the water, don't worry that is common. To prevent getting caught up in the grass rig your artificial baits weedless. Incoming tide is a tricky time to fish for snook as they are pushed up along the shoreline but are harder to get to eat.

Snook generally like to hang out in structured areas like docks, bridges, & jetties. Snook like to hide out in structured area for protection from predators as well as hiding to hunt there next meal. Targeting snook in structured area can equal to a lot of break offs, especially when it comes to pitching your bait underneath docks and bridges. When it comes to fishing at these types of locations it's best to be equipped with the right size leader and most importantly the right size rod and reel. Being equipped with the right size tackle will help prevent you from breaking off in these structured areas.

Presentation with your bait when fishing for Snook is one of the most important assets when it comes to trying to land the Einstein of fish. It has been said, the more time you spend on presentation the more snook you’ll catch. When you’re fishing for snook there is no fooling them whether its a juvenile or a 40 incher. Although live bait is not required it is a plus when trying to catch a decent size snook. Pinfish, grunt, mullet, and shrimp are my go to when it comes to slaying 30 inch snook. Live bait seems to make the drag scream. Although live bait is great, artificial lures are a must to have when going after snook. I tend to have these three baits in my tackle bag when snook fishing: Gulp shrimp, Mirrodine Suspending Twitchbait from Mirrolure, and DOA 3” C.A.L Shad paddle tails. A tip I learned from my father was when throwing artificial baits it's very important to still maximize your presentation by trying to match the clarity of the water color to the color of your bait.

Focusing on the tide, structure, and presentation of bait will definitely increase your number of snook hits as you continue to fish. When going after snook you need to play in their elements especially if you want to land a 40+ size snook and join the elite 40 incher club. It takes lots of practice but once you master these skills and many more, there's no doubt you'll be landing snook left and right!


Colin Gray


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September 16, 2019 — Colin Gray

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