When it comes to choosing a fly reel, one needs to think about styles, colors, and materials. Then, let’s talk about what makes a quality fly reel? There are several points that may help.
Generally, you need to buy a reel that could contain enough backing line and fly line, and matches the rod you have. A reel meets your basic fishing needs. That’s the first thing we need to consider. For example, a reel that can hold fly line 4 to 6 wt would match a 5 wt fly rod.
Apart from that, there are several suggestions we need to pay attention to
First, two types of drag system could be found on fly reels. One is SPRING&PAWL drag system, and the other DISC DRAG SYSTEM.
The former drag is a simple cog mechanism. It can alter the pressure applied to the spindle. No big difference between max and minimum drag. S&P drag has an advantage----weighs very little. However stopping power may be a little insufficient to handle a large fish. Given this, S&P drag is designed for small rivers or still waters.
The latter drag is the most common and modern drag design. It works as a brake, if a fish you hook pulling the line, the tension on the reel would increase. Keep low pressure while winding in. The way it works is to alter pressure on the inside spool. For fully sealed drag system, for example Piscifun Platte fly reel, it is corrosion-resistant, water-proof and then needs little maintenance. No fully sealed drag needs oiling and greasing to make your reel perform well.
A high-quality drag matters a lot to a good fly reel.
What is spool arbor? Well, it is the distance from center spindle to where spool base starts. Arbor could be divided into standard arbor, mid arbor, large arbor. What do they mean?
As regards standard arbor reel, spool base you attach the backing onto is in the center of a reel. This traditional reel still commonly seen in small river application. It could hold enough backing but on the down side the frames are often very narrow. The backing and fly line are applied to the reel in quite small diameter coils, and thus diminishes retrieval rate and  increases coil memory for fly line. Your line may suffer.
For mid arbor reel, the base moves out a bit from the spindle. Correspondingly, reel is widened. You could put backing to it and keep the line in a larger loop, which reduces memory and increase line retrieval rate.
Let’s move to large arbor---the most modern reel design. Large arbor reel is larger than the above 2 types. Much bigger diameter. Wider design. Backing capacity is good. Reel retrieves fast and line memory reduces. It may looks bigger but is light in weight. Check out Piscifun Platte fly reel. Besides, large arbor reel today is highly machined and manufactured. Weight is reduced but no discount in stability or durability.
Better not choose plastic-made or partly plastic-made. You want your reel lasts longer, right? Metal reels would be better. You could consider CNC-machined aluminum fly reel. It is featured by hard anodized finishes. Would aluminum fly reel be way expensive? Some well-machined reel are affordable. Check out Piscifun Sword, Blaze and Platte series fly reels. Way worth the price.
Don’t you want a reel with a sleek and sexy look? Buy a pretty reel and let your antique reels have a rest. Besides, it would be nice if a reel has beautiful patterns and great structure too. Gunmetal reel is a good choice. Check out Piscifun fly reels.
The above may help you choose a fly reel. Just some basic points. Hope you search more information about how to choose a fly reel if you are a beginner.  


April 10, 2017 — Alice Wang

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