In fall of 2017, Piscifun released its newest, most advanced fly reel yet, the Crest. Featuring advanced machining, anodized finish, carbon disk drag system, and new quick release spool capture system, the Crest fly reel is perfect for the angler looking for a great cutting-edge reel at an honest price point.

The Crest fly reel features aggressive machined ports throughout the spool, and advanced forward-thinking machining along the frame. All this adds up to both form and function, providing a reel that is both great looking, and light! In fact, it’s lighter than its older brother, the Platte fly reels.

Borrowing the advanced and proven carbon disk drag system from the Platte, the drag is considered a step above the traditional cork drag system, as found in the Blaze and Sword fly reels. This fully sealed carbon drag is fully sealed, ensuring it remains impervious to hot, cold, freshwater, saltwater, sand and grit, while providing a lifetime of reliable, maintenance free use. This advanced drag is controlled with an aggressively machined drag adjustment knob. This aggressive texture ensures a positive grip, even when the anglers hands are wet, cold, or wearing gloves. The knob controls a nice, wide area of adjustment, helping to ensure you don’t overshoot the drag when battling the big one.

One of the biggest leaps forward with the new Crest is the new quick-snap spool capture system. Spool changes now couldn’t be any easier! Simply apply firm pulling pressure to release the spool, and firm pressing pressure to put it back on. While this is much different than the threaded capture knob of the Sword, Blaze and Platte fly fishing reels, this new system saves time, and has no moving parts to become lost. Changing from that sinking streamer line to a floating line in the heat of a hatch couldn't be any easier or faster!

All of these new features add up to make the Crest Piscifun’s most advanced fly reel to date! Available in both black and green finishes, the new Crest is sure to be a great addition to your favorite fly rods!

November 17, 2017 — Alice Wang


Randy Shuford said:

This is a really good value. I have been fishing one on my 6 wt for couple years.
This week just landed 27 inch speckled trout and 12 lb Striper. The latter was on the reel and tested the drag which worked smooth as silk. I just wanted to pass this along to anyone considering buying it.

Dave said:

Do you sell spare spools for the crest? I haven’t been able to locate any. I want to buy this reel; however, if there are no spare spools available I’m going to have to pass on it. Thank you.

Piscifun said:

@Von Hoover

We have to admit that we didn’t work out the paper instruction on how to change the hand retrieve. But we are working on it.
We made a video about retrieve switch before. Please check out this one

If you have any other question, please email us directly.

Von Hoover said:

You say spool changes couldn’t be easier. But nowhere in the paperwork does it tell me how to change the spool!

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