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Whether it’s your first or an addition to the quiver, most would agree that there is so much to consider when picking a new fly rod. Even for a seasoned veteran, it can be overwhelming. You might have questions running through your mind like: What do I get for $800? Why is this one only $50? what is the warranty? Where is it made? In the modern times of the information age, there is also a ton of information on the internet and everyone, including myself has an opinion. Don’t even bother reading some of “5wt fly rod shoot-outs”. Unless, that is you want to be scared into emptying out your piggy bank to buy the latest and greatest.

In this article, I will continue with my review of the Piscifun “Sword” line of products and tell you why the best fly rod I have fished in years is less than $50. The exact model I have been using is the 9’ 5wt 4 piece.




The anatomy of this fly rod and some basic technical data:

Blank – The blank is a gorgeous deep green IM7 four-piece graphite with a gloss finish. As a bonus, the rod also has dots on each ferrule that help in properly lining up the guides without having to put much thought to the task.

Wraps –Surprisingly clean deep olive single wrap with gold finish wraps at either end.

Guides – The stripping guide is a chrome “fuji” style guide with ceramic insert. The 9 stripping guides, tip and hook keeper are also chrome plated and of very high quality.



Handle – The handle measures about 7” and is made from grade AAA cork. The full well forward taper fits very nicely in the palm of my hand. I compare the first time I held it to shaking hands with an old friend.


Overall Construction – I don’t know how they do it. At half the price of the Echo “Base” or 1/3 the price of an entry level Reddington, this rod looks and fishes better than some of the $800 rods you might find in the rack at any fly fishing shop. In the hand, it feels solid and balanced.

Weight – At 4.2 oz., the Sword is not the lightest rod I have ever fished in the 5wt class. When I first pulled it out of the packaging and pieced it together, I was slightly concerned. The last thing anyone wants to do is swing a baseball bat for 5 hours. However, most of the weight is in the butt section. I currently have about 12 hours on this rod and I have found that the weight displacement does a nice job of balancing out my whole setup. On some of the lighter rods I have used in the past, I find that I experience more fatigue from over compensating in my cast. With sword, I find that I must put less force in each cast to lay the line straight.

Medium Action – This rod loads effortlessly when using the 5wtF Piscifun “Sword” fly line. It mends like butter and the taper is such that you will have a hard time missing a hook-set. In the shot time I have used it, I have pulled on everything from fingerlings in still water to wild rainbows using the rapid current of the Kern river in their favor. Even with 6x tippet, haven’t busted one off yet. Getting to the fish is no problem. I have had no problem landing casts within inches of my target at 15-30 ft.

Who this rod is for – The Sword is perfect for both beginners and experienced anglers. Newbies will appreciate the mellow learning curve while experienced anglers will appreciate the quality, features and feel. Anglers at bot levels will love the price.

Excellent Value/ Low Price – At, this rod will set you back about $38. On, with free prime shipping the rid is less than $44. The sword ships in a clear PVC rod tube that holds up well in the back of the car with all your other gear. If you pair the rod up with the matching Sword fly reel, line, and backing, you will have an excellent fly fishing combo for under $150.

Warranty – The rod has a one year warranty. However, my experience with their customer service has been awesome. They are attentive, quick to respond and they stand behind their product.

For more information on the Piscifun Sword Fly rod or any of the Piscifun fly fishing products visit their official website at .


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5wt Piscifun Sword Fly Reel Piscifun official website

October 20, 2017 — Alice Wang


Bob Tusken said:

I have not seen this fly rod personally, but I believe what you described about it. Quite a bargain ! Yes…..some nice things can come in inexpensive packages. Thanks for this write-up on this fly rod. Bob

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